5 Common Tough Stains and How You Can Remove Them

Stains are an inescapable part of life. They crop up on furniture, rugs, clothing, and other items all the time and often lead to the item in question being thrown away. To avoid having to discard cherished items due to stains, it is important to learn the most effective ways to treat them. 

Understanding the types of stains that are most difficult to remove and the best methods of eradicating them can save you time, money, and frustration. Knowing how to tackle the toughest stains can help you rescue stained items.

Why Pre-Treat Stains

Before doing laundry or tackling a carpet stain, pre-treatment is essential. Without doing it, the stain may remain and be harder to remove. It's important to take the time to assess the stain and use the right pre-treatment to ensure you can remove it. Don't rush the process—make sure to give it the attention it deserves.

Here are five common stains and how to treat them:

  • Grease

Treat the fabric with a stain removal product or laundry detergent to remove grease stains. Leave it on the fabric for at least 15 minutes to break down the oils. Afterward, wash the clothes in your washing machine with warm water. Using a steam cleaner to target the stain directly for carpeting and furniture. 

  • Blood

Act quickly and rinse the stain with cool water if you spot a wet blood spot. This should help to remove most of the blood. For a dry patch, submerge the affected area in warm, soapy water. Afterward, put it through the washing machine or scrub it manually with a brush and a cleaning product.

  • Tannin

Act quickly to address a tannin stain and prevent it from setting. Douse the affected area with cold water and saturate it fully. Let the water remain on the fabric, clothing, or other items for 15 minutes. After that, proceed to wash or launder the item as normal.

  • Permanent Marker

Permanent marker stains cannot be removed by pre-treating. You need to buy a special ink dissolvent to get rid of the stain. Read and follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. Once the stain has been removed, you can wash or launder the item like you normally would.

  • Dyes‍

Dye stains are common, ranging from natural colors in the grass to those in clothing. To tackle these stains, one should act quickly to pre-treat them by applying detergent directly to the area for 15 minutes. After this, the article of clothing should be put into the washing machine and washed at the hottest temperature suitable for the fabric. Alternatively, the stain can be scrubbed gently with detergent and warm water.


Stains can be a daunting task to remove, but with the right tools and knowledge, they can be easily managed. By understanding five of the most common tough stains and the methods to remove them, one can tackle any mess with confidence. From oil-based stains to pet stains and more, there is a method that can help you get rid of the stain without any hassle. So, the next time you face a difficult stain, don't despair and use the information provided to get the job done.

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