How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally (And Quickly)

Do you have a fruit fly problem? You're not alone. Fruit flies seem to magically appear out of nowhere; before you know it, they're everywhere.

Moreover, they're not just annoying; fruit flies can carry diseases. So, getting rid of them as soon as possible is essential.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to eliminate fruit flies naturally. 

Read on to learn more.

What Causes Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are attracted to ripe fruit and vegetables. They're also attracted to fermented products, like beer and wine. You'll have fruit flies if you have any of these things lying around.

Fruit flies lay their eggs near these types of food. The larvae then hatch and feed on the food. This is why you often see fruit flies near garbage cans or compost bins.

Some fruit fly species can also lay their eggs in drains. This is why you might see fruit flies near your sink or bathroom, even if you don't have any food.

The more food you have lying around, the more likely you attract fruit flies. So, one of the best ways to eliminate fruit flies is to remove their food source.

That said, even if you keep a clean house, fruit flies can still find their way inside. They're small enough to fit through tiny cracks and crevices. Once they're in, it can be hard to get rid of them.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally

Let's explore five ways to eliminate fruit flies, so you can finally get rid of those pesky critters.

1. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

This should be a no-brainer, but it's worth repeating: cleanliness is vital when getting rid of fruit flies. Be sure to wipe down countertops, wash dirty dishes, and sweep and mop the floors regularly. 

Also, always empty the garbage can and keep food sealed in containers.

It's important to note that fruit flies are attracted to ripe fruits and vegetables, so store them in the fridge or a sealed container.

2. Make a DIY Fruit Fly Trap

One of the easiest ways to get rid of fruit flies is to make your own trap. All you need is a jar, some ripe fruit or veggie scraps, and some vinegar.

Add the fruit or veggie scraps to the jar and a little vinegar. Cover the pot with plastic wrap and poke some holes in it. The fruit flies will be attracted to the fruit but get trapped in the jar.

You can alternatively use a piece of paper or index card to make a funnel. Place the paper over the top of the jar and tape it in place. Again, poke holes in it for the fruit flies to get in.

3. Use a Store-Bought Trap

If you don't want to make your own trap, you can buy one at the store. Several types of traps are available, but they all work similarly.

Basically, you'll want to bait the trap with something that fruit flies are attracted to, like ripe fruit or veggie scraps. The flies will then enter the trap and won't be able to get out.

Also, be sure to empty the trap regularly, so it doesn't become a breeding ground for fruit flies.

4. Use Natural Repellents

In addition to traps, you can also use natural repellents to keep fruit flies away. Citrus fruits like lemons and limes are excellent at repelling fruit flies.

You can place slices of citrus fruit around your kitchen or make a lemon spray. Mix equal parts water and lemon juice in a spray bottle to make the spray. Then, just spritz it around your kitchen as needed.

Other natural repellents include basil, mint, and cloves. You can either place these herbs around your kitchen or make a repellent spray with them. Simply mix a few drops of essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spritz away.

5. Call an Exterminator

If you've tried all the above methods and are still dealing with fruit flies, it's time to call an exterminator. They'll be able to identify the source of the problem and get rid of the fruit flies for good.

Sometimes, fruit flies can be coming into your home from outside. In this case, the exterminator will likely treat the perimeter of your home to keep the fruit flies out.

Final Words

Fruit flies can be a real nuisance, but there are many ways to eliminate them. Be sure to clean your kitchen, make a DIY fruit fly trap, use a store-bought trap, or use natural repellents. If all else fails, call an exterminator.

With these tips, you can say goodbye to fruit flies for good!

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