Donahue Beach, Michigan House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services In Donahue Beach, Michigan

Single moms give a ferocious effort to provide for their babies so we choose to ferociously support them and give single mothers back a few hours of their precious, priceless time each and every week.

A weekly house cleaning service is the perfect way to spend quality time with your little ones without having to worry about getting everything done around the house. You spend so much time providing — let us take care of the cleaning.

We'll come in every week (or every other week) and refresh everything just the way you like it. After just the first couple of regular cleans, we'll learn things about you that you wouldn't even know to let us know about

Time is precious, especially if you're a single mom (or dad!). You deserve a break every once in a while! Get yourself a house cleaning service that makes *that* actually happen for you!

We know one of the first (and most important) things to consider when hiring a reputable cleaning service is budget. So, how much does it typically cost to hire a cleaning service in Donahue Beach?

Every reputable cleaning company will tell you "it depends" when it comes to pricing because, well, it does!

There are so many different things that go into an exceptional client experience... it makes it difficult to give you an exact price/cost for the type of service that you actually need. But! We can get you close!

Benefits of regular house cleaning

Hiring a professional home cleaning service in Donahue Beach can prevent stress, help control allergies caused by indoor irritants and make for a happy, healthy home.

House cleaning can be really hard work, especially if you're doing it yourself. You'll need to invest a lot of time, effort, and energy into it. If you have any kind of physical limitations, it's even harder. You can't just clean one time and then never have to clean again. Your house needs cleaning again and again. (And if you have kids? Good luck staying on top of it all!)

Fortunately, regular cleaning services are no longer an unattainable luxury.

In fact, budgeting in a weekly cleaning service or maid service on a regular basis can be worth the investment for the additional freedom and time you get back.

And Custom Maids makes it extremely** **simple to get your home cleaned and refreshed every single week.

The Best Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services In Bay County

My team and I are dedicated to giving you back the most important thing. Your time.

The last thing you want to do after a long day of work or running errands is clean your home. We know you'd rather spend time with your family or even preparing a delicious meal that your kids will probably complain about.

No matter what it is that you want to do, we'll help you take back your time so you can.

Get in touch with us. Schedule a free estimate with our team and we'll get you on track in no time! ♥

Give us a call to schedule your estimate — ask for Jenny!


Our Proven Process

Clean and Sanitize

In addition to our standard cleaning practices of dusting, vacuuming and scouring, our team will also sanitize light switches, doorknobs, telephones, bathroom surfaces, and other commonly touched areas.

Professional Staff

Our residential cleaning technicians are thoroughly extensively trained to clean every single room in your home (or office!) based on your specific needs, delivering the professional clean you expect.

24-Hour Warranty

If you’re ever dissatisfied with any aspect of our recent services, just give us a call within 24 hours and we’ll work with you to resolve the problem.

No Contracts

When you choose Molly Maid, you can appreciate the fact that contracts are never an option. Our professional house cleaners are only as good as our last cleaning service.

Hear From Our Clients

“Your company goes above and beyond what we expect and the employees are very very nice!” — Jodi

“I love coming home to a clean, fresh smelling home and being able to relax and spend time with my family instead of worrying about cobwebs. Thank you so much!” — Sara

“I love that I can spend more time with my husband and daughters, and less time stressing over getting my house clean every week” — Shelley

“**Custom Maids **has made my life so much easier! We were having a graduation party the next day and they were so amazing. They came out the next day and got everything perfectly cleaned for the party. It was a little pricey (expected for the last minute package), but we were so thrilled to have found Custom Maids right at the last second. They were so kind and completely thorough." — Linda

Looking for Ongoing House Cleaning and Sanitizing Services in Donahue Beach, Michigan?

Not only do we offer one-time services, but we can also support your dream lifestyle with home cleaning services on an ongoing basis!

We have several cleaning schedules to accommodate your busy lifestyle including weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual cleanings.

All you have to do is contact us at (989) 368-3244 and speak with our team. We'll help you figure out the exact pricing for your recurring cleaning service (each cleaning package is customized for every single client).

Your Bay County Home Cleaning Services Overview

1. One-time services include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mattress cleaning, and pet odor removal.

2. Ongoing services include deep cleaning, spring cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleaning.

3. Cleaning schedules include weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

4. Call today for a free estimate — (989) 368-3244

Deep Cleaning Services, Too!

If you’re looking for a housekeeper service that will provide you with thorough cleaning services for your entire home, then Custom Maids is the company for you!

Our team of experts can handle any size job, from small projects like dusting and vacuuming to large scale deep cleaning projects.

We’ll move and secure all items and appliances to ensure that nothing gets damaged during our deep cleaning services. We’ll also help you set up professional deep cleaning services for your carpets, tiles, and grout areas as well as your furniture and accessories.

Best House Cleaning Tips (And Life Hacks) For Busy Moms | Reddit

The Reddit community ALWAYS comes through! I copy and pasted one of the best reddit threads I’ve ever read. Please feel free to read through all of the comments on that same thread by clicking the link below!

[Request] What are your BEST house cleaning life hacks?

I just used a leaf blower to dust the ceilings.....I am currently waiting for the dust fallout to settle to GET BUSY!

(to settle the concerns: I cover the flat surfaces with sheets in the room & set a fan facing out the window. I blast the dirt off the ceilings & walls then close the room off for a while. Then I fold/remove the dust-covered sheets. I clean the room as usual. While it's not conventional: it works for me. I live in the ever-dusty south. I only do this as a "deep cleaning" thing. For regular cleaning of the fans/ceiling/walls I do use a vac/broom.)

Below is a summary of life-hack: cleaning edition user mentions. Please note that not all LH's will work for everyone. See disclaimer below.

There is an interesting "To Shoe or Not to Shoe" thread. Many users have a "no shoe in the House" rule. There is great information for/against this. Included are great shoe-less LH's.

Clutter prevention & quick cleaning ideas use commercial breaks/breaks in your games to clean/organize an easy task. Have available & handy all your regular cleaning supplies to easily carry from area to area. Purposefully and mindfully power-clean 10-15 minutes each day. Do not keep what you do not use-ditch or donate. A place for everything and put everything in it's proper place

  • Use an empty laundry basket/tub: take this from room-to-room with you to gather items that are out of place & return the items to their correct place. For clutter prone areas (junk drawer/shelf/closet) place items into a box. Remove the items you use/need. In 3 or so months-whatever is left in the box gets trashed/donated.
  • Place a trash bin outside/near mailbox and TRASH unwanted mail, fliers, and packaging. "Trash-Bag Tango" (great for homes with multiple folks). Get said trash bag. Set the goal of finding 20 or more items that can be tossed. Hand off the bag & the nest person finds 20 items-and so on till the bag is full. Store extra trash-bags at the bottom of each trash can for easy access to replace bag.
  • Kitchen Hacks: Microwave lemon (or vinegar) in water (in a microwave SAFE bowl) for 2-5 minutes. The evaporated mix will "soak" sides of microwave...wipe clean! Then dump lemon rind into garbage disposal & turn on to clean/freshen. Layer 2 trash bags in the trash bin-when the trash is taken out then the next bag is already there. Clean up while you cook to prevent the "dish overload" aftermath. baked on/stubborn stove crud lay a wet cloth over the spot for a bit then wipe it up. Getting grime off pans/pots (baked in): soak with automatic dishwasher detergent instead of kitchen soap; soak in water with a dryer-sheet; Bar Keepers Friend. If your garbage-disposal has become unruly/nasty: Make a vinegar & baking soda blend to turbo-clean that monster
  • Bedroom hacks: Pick up and deal with clothes on floor/in piles: put them away or into laundry bin. Close all the drawers/doors for a more tidy appearance. (many have asked how this is a life-hack. Some individuals like me have "tiny pile issues"). Clothing and such gets piled into a corner/on a chair/flat surface. Taking 10-15 minutes to pick up/put away/deal with items is a life-hack for people who suffer from "tiny pile disorder." make your bed.....every day.
  • Bathroom Hacks: Wipe down shower after every use (Ie: wipe down then get out of tub). Use the damp towel to wipe down the surfaces. Alternatively-Spray scrubbing bubbles after each shower (coat the tub/shower) then rinse out with the next shower. OR-keep a squeegee in the room and use it after each bath.
  • General hacks: FULL HANDS IN, FULL HANDS OUT: when you enter/leave a room take an item that does not belong & put it away. Many agree: Do SOMETHING in the home to clean & spiffy EVERY DAY for 10-20 minutes. If you have physical limitations-then even 5 minutes helps! Find & utilize "hidden minutes" throughout the day (while coffee is brewing, during a commercial, or while waiting on the meal to cook) & use this time to tackle a chore. Put on a comedy channel, an audio-book, or a great playlist to add adventure/fun. Break larger tasks into smaller/more manageable tasks.

Products users mention

Rain-x for outside windows to repel dirt/water. Force-flex trash bags are worth the extra $. Magic erasers are our friend! Please magic erase with caution as it can effect some surfaces. Scrub-brush power drill. It's worth mentioning that Small hand waxer have different bonnets that can polish/wax/buff/clean surfaces. Regular White Vinegar: add 1-2C to wash to remove odors. Mix 1:1 for an all purpose cleaner. WD-40 to remove sap/junk/stuck-on debris from the car.


The Minimalist Game a cozy little blog that will banish your inner hoarder!

r/minimalism the subreddit where less is more.

The Fly Lady good plan/informational/how-to site for not only CLEANING the mess but STARTING new habits.

I would like to add I Heart Organizing: a blog for great, inexpensive, & neat storage/organizing ideas.

Use these LH's at your own risk. Or use none of them with no risk. Or use all of them while yelling "you're not the boss of me" loudly.

See the full reddit thread here

Best House Cleaning Tips For Moms | YouTube Video, Too!

YouTube is a literal GOLDmine for house and office cleaning tips!

34+ Tips to Make Your Entire Home Cleaner Than It's Ever Been

"1. Soak paper towels in vinegar

2. Let bleach-soaked cotton coil sit on the mildew in your bathtub overnight.

3. Spray down your shower door's tracks

4. Detach your shower head

5. Dip a lemon in salt and use it to get rid of lingering rust stains in your sink and sink area.

6. go the extra mile and clean the siphons

7. Shine up your stainless sink using Barkeeper's Friend.

8. Microwave a bowl of lemons and water to make all the gunk come out in one easy swipe.

9. Let your grimy stove burners sit in a bag of ammonia overnight to get rid of all the layers of cooked-on gunk.

10. If you have electric stove burners, pull 'em off your stove and give them some elbow grease.

11. Clean a glass cooktop with minimal scrubbing:

12. Take a melamine sponge to your oven glass to make it sparkle again.

13. Banish that greasy dust that inevitably builds up wherever you cook with a little bit of mineral oil.

14. If your couch is covered in fabric (and not leather), sprinkle baking soda on it to get rid of odors.

15.Quickly dust your lampshades by running a lint roller over them.

16.Wash your rug in the driveway.

17. Wipe down all of your game consoles with a microfiber cloth

18. Wash all of the pillows that you sleep on regularly.

19. Run your sheets, mattress cover, and duvet cover through the laundry.

20. Make your own reusable cleaning wipes to sanitize all of the ~nonporous~ surfaces.

21. Use a pillowcase to dust off your grimy fan blades.

22. Detach all of your floor and ceiling air vents, and run them through the dishwasher.

23. Clean your floors with the recommended cleaner and mop.

24. Bleach the grout in your bathroom, kitchen, and all other tile with a clinging gel.

25. Dust all of your blinds thoroughly with a pair of tongs and a couple of microfiber cloths.

26. Clean your windows (including the windowsills) with a lint-free rag and a window cleaner of your choice.

27. Sanitize and clean your vacuum cleaner BEFORE you vacuum all of the carpets in the house.

28. use a seam ripper to get rid of all the twisted hair in your vacuum's brush.

29. Banish carpet stains without excessive scrubbing by using your iron.

30. Get the mold out of your front-loading washer with bleach, water and a towel.

31. Use toilet cleaner and a toilet brush on your garage trash cans.32. Make the steel plate on your iron smooth and shiny again.

32. Wash the outside of your windows

33. Get rid of the oil stains on your driveway

34. Scrub the mold off your basement walls with diluted detergent.

35. If you have patio furniture, pull it out onto your driveway and give it a good scrub."

Watch full video on YouTube here

How to hire a great house cleaner in Donahue Beach

Ask for referrals

Ask for referrals from friends who have used the same cleaning service over time

Choose a company that's bonded and insured

This protects you and your property in case of theft or damage

Hire a licensed company

This means they are legally registered in Donahue Beach, Michigan, USA to operate as a legitimate business

Ask for reviews

Look to current and former client reviews to let you know the cleaning company does great work. Google and Facebook are loaded with awesome client testimonials. You can check out all of our 5-star client reviews here.

Conduct a phone interview

Ask them how long they have been in business and ask for recommendations

Compare prices (of course!)

A company that offers a wildly low price may not be operating legitimately. At the same time, an egregious price could be your red flag warning to stay away from that greedy company (or individual).

Develop a relationship

If you're working with a larger company, request that the same crew come each time. This creates consistency and accountability

Consider security

Electronic locks with one-time use codes are handy for giving house cleaning services access to your home while also protecting your privacy

Agree on a fair price

Discuss how you'd like your home cleaned, and work with your cleaner on setting a reasonable price. But always remember, the client doesn't set the price. The company does. If the company isn't willing to agree to your counteroffer(s), there's no harm in searching for other local residential cleaning companies and getting additional estimates from them.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be home while cleaners come to my house?

No, you don’t have to be home when cleaners come to your house.

Before our expert cleaning technicians arrive, you can communicate all of your expectations and needs to make sure everything is properly taken care of that day. Think: how can they get in and lock up after cleaning your house, which cleaning products should they use (and where to find them in the house) or do they need to bring their own supplies. If you’d rather be home, that’s great, too. Whatever works for you, works for us! We're Custom Maids for a reason!

How much will the service cost?

The cost of your house cleaning ultimately depends on a number of variables, including the number of rooms, square footage and the type of service you choose. For the most accurate cleaning estimate, we need to know more about your house cleaning needs. Please give Jenny a call to schedule your free in-person estimate: (989) 368-3244

In the Donahue Beach area, weekly house cleaning from Custom Maids will be priced anywhere from $97-$197+ depending on the size of the home (or office) and the effort required to clean the space.

How much do cleaners charge per hour?

On average, house cleaners charge $40-$65 per labor hour nationwide.

One house cleaning service in Saginaw, Michigan, charges an hourly rate based on the number of cleaners required for your job. For two cleaners on site, they charge $30 per hour. For one cleaner on site, they charge $20 per hour. They charge an additional $15 per room to clean windows and an additional $20 per room to clean sliding doors.

Some cleaning companies charge an hourly rate, which means the price you pay for each visit can vary with just how dirty your house is that week.

Typically, house cleaning companies that do charge by the hour will provide you a walk-through before you hire them.

The walk-through allows them to see the size, layout and general cleanliness of your house, and give you an estimate of what a one-time or first-time cleaning will cost as well rates for ongoing services, whether weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Typically their hourly rate stays the same, but the one-time or first-time cleaning will cost more because it takes more time.

Your cleaning costs will usually be consistent from week to week or month to month, unless you have a particularly messy part or other unusual situation.

How much does move-out cleaning cost?

Move-out cleaning costs $160-$250 on average for a 2-bedroom apartment or house. The cost will be higher if cleaners have to spend extra time removing carpet stains or wall marks.

This is not at all an official quote. Please give the office a call to get your official estimate (or to schedule your in-person cleaning consultation): (989) 368-3244

Should I tip my housekeeper?

This is 100% your personal preference. We do not require tips/gratuities (and neither do our cleaning technicians). Tips are always appreciated, but never required. :)

How much do house cleaners make per hour?

According to the US Department of Labor, janitors and building cleaners in the United States made $12.02 per hour or $24,990 per year in 2017 on average. That's up from $11.46 in 2016.

At Custom Maids, our cleaners average over $13 per hour.

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If you're in any of the following zip codes, you're in luck!

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A weekly house cleaning service is the perfect way to spend quality time with your loved ones without having to worry about getting everything done around the house.

You spend so much time providing — let us take care of the cleaning.We'll come in every week (or every other week) and refresh everything just the way you like it. After just the first couple of regular cleans, we'll learn things about you that you wouldn't even know to let us know about