Deep Cleaning: A Simple Guide For Busy Parents

As a busy parent, you know that deep cleaning your house is a task that always seems to get put off. But it doesn't have to be hard! 

In this simple guide, I'll share tips for quickly and efficiently cleaning your house from top to bottom. 

So why not give it a try? Your family will thank you for it!

What is Deep Cleaning, Exactly?

Deep cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning your home from top to bottom, paying particular attention to often neglected areas. This includes baseboards, cabinets, under furniture, and corners. 

Basically, anywhere that dirt and dust can accumulate!

Deep cleaning is different from your regular routine because it is more thorough. 

You may need to move furniture and appliances to reach those difficult areas, and you'll definitely want to use a vacuum with attachments to get into all the nooks and crannies. 

But the effort is worth it, as deep cleaning can help to improve your indoor air quality and make your home feel fresh and new again.

Why is Deep Cleaning Important?

In addition to the apparent benefits of having a clean home, deep cleaning is also essential for your health. Dust and dirt can contain allergens that can trigger asthma and other respiratory problems. 

By reducing the dust in your home, you can help to improve your family's overall health.

Another reason to deep clean your home is to prevent the spread of illness. Viruses and bacteria can quickly accumulate in dust and dirt, so removing them regularly is crucial. This is especially important if someone in your home is sick.

Finally, deep cleaning can also help to improve the lifespan of your furniture and appliances. By removing dirt and dust, you can prevent it from accumulating and causing damage.

What Supplies do I Need for Deep Cleaning?

Cleaning supplies are essential, but you don't need to go out and buy expensive products. A simple solution of vinegar and water can be used to clean most surfaces in your home. 

You may want to use a more robust cleaning solution for more demanding jobs but follow the directions carefully.

You'll also need a few other supplies, including:

  • Vacuum with attachments
  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • Scrub brush
  • Rags or sponges
  • Old toothbrush (for hard-to-reach areas)

On the natural side, these are some of the best deep cleaning supplies:

  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice
  • White vinegar
  • Salt
  • Borax

Although you can buy all of these supplies individually, many all-in-one cleaning solutions are available that come with everything you need.

For instance, the Swiffer WetJet is popular for deep cleaning hard floors. It comes with a mop, bucket, and cleaning solution, and you can add water to the solution and start cleaning.

Another option is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This powerful cleaning tool can be used on various surfaces and is excellent for getting into tight spaces.

Finally, the Hoover WindTunnel 2 is an excellent choice for deep cleaning carpets. It has attachments for hard-to-reach areas and a powerful suction that can remove dirt, dust, and pet hair.

How to Deep Clean Your Home: Step-by-Step Instructions

Now that you have all the necessary supplies, it's time to start deep cleaning your home! Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Start With the Floors

Vacuum all the carpets and rugs in your home, including under furniture and corners. Then mop all the hard floors. Don't forget to clean under appliances and in other tight spaces.

For instance, if you have tile floors, you can clean them with a simple solution of vinegar and water. Just mop the floor as you usually would, but use this mixture instead of your usual cleaning solution.

Don't forget to clean the baseboards and other areas that tend to collect dust. A damp cloth or duster should do the trick.

2. Move On to the Surfaces

Once the floors are clean, it's time to move on to cleaning all the surfaces in your home. Start with countertops, tabletops, and other flat surfaces. Wipe them down with a clean cloth and your favorite cleaning solution.

If you have any stainless steel appliances, clean them with a particular solution made for that purpose.

3. Clean the Windows and Mirrors

Next, tackle the windows and mirrors. Start by dusting them with a clean cloth. Then use a window cleaner to make them shine.

The best way to clean a mirror is to spray it with a glass cleaner. Then use a lint-free cloth to wipe it down in a circular motion.

Pro tip: Don't forget to clean the window ledges and frames! Most people forget about these areas but they can get just as dirty as the glass itself.

4. Wipe Down Walls and Ceilings

Walls and ceilings can get pretty grubby, especially in high-traffic areas. To clean them, start by dusting them with a clean cloth. Then use a mild cleaning solution (like dish soap and water) to wipe them down.

For hard-to-reach places, like ceiling fans and light fixtures, you may need to use a ladder or step stool. Just be careful not to knock anything over!

5. Disinfect All Surfaces

Once all the surfaces in your home are clean, it's time to disinfect them. This is especially important in the kitchen, where bacteria can quickly grow.

You can use a store-bought disinfectant or make your own. To make your own, mix one part of water with one part of bleach. Then use a clean cloth to wipe down all the surfaces in your home.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the bleach bottle carefully. And always ventilate the area when using bleach, as it can harm your lungs.

You can also use vinegar to disinfect surfaces if you're into natural cleaning solutions. Just mix one part water with one part vinegar and use it to wipe down all the surfaces in your home.

Pro tip: Don't forget to disinfect doorknobs, light switches, and other places with many hands on them. These are hotspots for bacteria and viruses.

6. Declutter and Organize

A deep clean is a perfect opportunity to declutter and organize your home. Start by going through all your stuff and getting rid of anything you don't need.

Then, find a place for everything that's left. This will help you keep your home clean and clutter-free in the future.

7. Finish Up

Once you've finished deep cleaning your home, take a step back and enjoy your handiwork! A deep clean can be a lot of work, but it's satisfying to see your home sparkling and smelling fresh.

Cleaning Services: An Excellent Alternative to Deep Cleaning

If the thought of deep cleaning your home is overwhelming, don't worry! You can always hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you.

Cleaning services have the equipment and expertise to get your home looking and smelling like new again. And best of all, you don't have to lift a finger!

Many people think that hiring a cleaning service is too expensive. But the truth is, it's very affordable! The cost of hiring a cleaning service is often less than the cost of buying all the supplies you need for a deep clean.

So, hiring a cleaning service is an excellent alternative if you're not up for the challenge of deep cleaning your home.

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